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Popular stay-at-home stocks like Peloton and Zoom, which rose during the peak of the 2020 pandemic lockdowns, have taken a hit this year as investors increasingly focus on companies that are affected by the reopening of the economy will benefit and consumers will return to personal activity.

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While some of the hottest companies of the past year saw incredible growth during the pandemic, many are struggling now as earnings show a slowdown in momentum and broader reopening of the economy picks up pace.

Video conferencing service Zoom and home fitness equipment maker Peloton were considered pandemic-era stock market darlings, with stocks rising roughly 400% each in 2020.

However, as the US economy re-opened in 2021, many of the companies at the center of the stay-at-home pandemic trading have seen share prices decline and lag well behind the rest of the market.

Stocks of Peloton and online education company Chegg are both down about 70% this year; the digital real estate marketplace Zillow and the virtual health company Teladoc over 50%, Zoom and the smart TV company Roku around 40%.

While some of these declines can be attributed to investors who are increasingly focused on reopening trades – companies that will continue to benefit from a broader economic recovery – many of these pandemic favorites have also recently reported lackluster gains that show a slowdown in business .

Peloton saw its stock plummet 35% in a single day after earnings were lackluster and sales forecast for 2022 was lowered, while Chegg plunged nearly 50% after revenues suffered a decline as more schools reopened.