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Billionaire Elon Musk fired on comments from Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) Tuesday, telling her to “stop projecting” and calling her “Senator Karen” the day after she criticized the Tesla CEO for doing it had not to pay enough taxes.

Important facts

Musk – according to data, the richest person in the world Forbes-called himself timeMonday’s Person of the Year, an award that sparked some controversy.

Warren took to Twitter that same day to comment on the Billionaire Wealth Debate: “Let’s change the rigged tax law so the Person of the Year actually pays taxes and stops charging everyone else.” said.

Musk wasted no time firing back and replied on Tuesday afternoon in a series of tweets criticizing Warren and quote a 2019 Fox News operator about claims regarding her Native American ancestry.

“Stop projecting!” Musk also wrote in a post narrating Massachusetts Senator: “You remind me when I was a kid and my friend’s angry mother yelled at everyone indiscriminately for no reason.”

In another follow-up post, Musk wrote, “Please don’t call the manager, Senator Karen.”

Warren’s office didn’t respond immediately Forbes‘ Request for comments.