Early bitcoin investor Nikki Beesetti stressed that the crypto market crash made her “nervous,” but forecasted the market will “recover” in the long term.

“My portfolio has tanked quite a bit…I think partly it’s due to everything that’s happening in crypto right now,” Beesetti told “Varney & Co.,” Tuesday.

“However, I still see crypto as a long-term investment…I’m keeping on to my portfolio and my crypto holdings.”

Her comments come on the heels of bitcoin slipping to a new 52-week low of $22,601.69 per coin on Monday, before bouncing higher, as some investors ditch crypto amid recent market volatility.


Beesetti said, despite bitcoin and other cryptos plummeting, she still stands by the currency as she continues to invest.

“I would say I am…nervous and uncomfortable…In the history of crypto, you always see these dips happening; however they recover in the long term,” she explained.

“I’m hoping that in the long term, this will be a good investment.”

Last year, the early bitcoin investor joined “Varney & Co.,” to provide insight into how she used a single bitcoin investment to fund her entire second semester of college.

“I was able to buy one bitcoin with $2,000 which ended up turning out to be $19,000 by the end of 2017,” she told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney in January 2021.

“And that was just enough for me to pay my tuition.”

Now, Beesetti noted that, although the market has crashed – which is contending with scorching-hot inflation – she said it’s “hard” for her to sell out, but would consider “once crypto spikes back up.”


She added that her investing in cryptocurrencies has made her “tens of thousands of dollars,” but said, since the market crash, she’s down to “several thousands.”

FOX Business’ Lucas Manfredi contributed to this report.